What is the Comprehensive Plan and Why Does It Matter?

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Green Mountain Falls Comprehensive Plan is the primary planning policy document for the community.

  • It will be a long-term, strategic plan with a guiding vision and strategies;
  • It will shape decisions related to new development, redevelopment, Town programs, and services; and
  • It is focused on enhancing the Town’s long-term vitality.

See the existing Comprehensive Plan

Why does it matter?

Residents: The Plan identifies community character and details like locations for future commercial amenities, housing, parks, trails, community facilities, etc.
Business and Property Owners: The Plan includes land use recommendations and development policies for properties.
Town Leaders: The Plan provides direction on the topics of development, policies, programs, and services provided by the Town.
Decision-Makers: The Plan gives guidance on budget, timing for capital improvements, and in review of development proposals.

Why update the town’s existing plan?

To remain valid and effective, and more accurately address current standards, goals and future needs; and to provide additional social, economic, and environmental sustainability components not currently included in the Town’s existing Comprehensive Plan or Land Use Code.